Friday, March 28, 2014

Day 12 - Northern Territory border

I need one more swim before we leave Lake Argyle. Well, two actually. An early morning pre-breakfast swim in “Infinity Pool”, a cool and refreshing way to loosen up for the day. And again before we leave the area, a quick swim in Lake Argyle, just because I can – there are no crocodiles in this man-made lake.

The Northern Territory border marks a distinct change in the landscape. The Kimberley is finished. Flat plains dotted with distant flat-topped hills are the only view we get until we enter Gregory National Park, just east of Timber Creek. Here the escarpments rise up high and wide on either side of the highway as we pass through. 

Late in the afternoon we stop at the Escarpment Walk, a 3km hike up one of these beautiful rocky ridges. But after reading the entrance sign, it seems clear we won’t complete the walk in time to find a camp site before sundown. We opt instead for driving on, 17kms past Victoria River Roadhouse to a free campsite by the side of the highway. It’s unassuming and bland with only a short hike down to a swampy waterhole that fills me with crocodile fears. 

We enjoy a quiet sundowner, then an hour of star-gazing before calling it an early night. We close up the campervan so we can turn the lights on and read by the interior light. Later we open the back hatch and let in the surprisingly cool night air. It’s the first time since leaving New Norcia that we opt for using the doona to keep us warm.

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